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A drawing of two astronauts and a blue car on a lonely planet.

Latest Strikes 42

Hello, and welcome to… Wait! Hold on. Which Latest Strikes issue are we at? That’s right: 42. So get your galactic Michelin Guide ready, because we’re going on a space journey! But as you may know, the outer space is vast and space travel takes a long time, even when using an hyperspace highway. You know what, let’s chat about what happened in the Lightning ecosystem last week. That’ll kill the time for sure....

June 27, 2023 · 796176 · 11 min · Fanis Michalakis
An armoured war ostrich striking an apple with electric arcs.

Latest Strikes 41

Welcome to the 41st issue of Latest Strikes, your weekly recap of everything new and shiny in the Lightning world! Last week was another prime one, with a lot of interesting things happening. So buckle up, prime the engine, put your helmet on, and let’s dive into the stream. Prime time! Ecosystem Is Binance (Finally) On Lightning? It seems like Binance finally set foot in the Lightning Network last week, a month after facing withdrawal issues and announcing work was in progress to enable Lightning withdrawals in Binance....

June 21, 2023 · 795329 · 12 min · Fanis Michalakis
A drawing of the old town of a European city during a Lightning storm.

Latest Strikes 40

Welcome to the 40th edition of Latest Strikes, your weekly recap of all the great things happening in the Lightning ecosystem. With 4 issues a month, it means we’ve now been covering the Lightning news together for ten consecutive months. Quite a tumultuous, yet pleasant journey, am I right? And, without further ado, let’s see what happened in Lightning last week! Ecosystem Strike Infrastructure Update Strike now has its own infrastructure both for Bitcoin custody and banking integration....

June 13, 2023 · 794214 · 7 min · Fanis Michalakis
A drawing of a science fiction robot surrounded by a lightning bolt.

Latest Strikes 39

Dobrý den! Welcome to the 39th issue of Latest Strikes, your opinionated weekly recap of all the great things happening in Lightning. Last week we got Voltage partnering with Google Cloud, a new fancy hardware product, a very welcomed collective initiative and ton of new releases! By the way, before we start, I’ll be in Prague the whole week to attend the BTC Prague conference and some satellite events (such as the dev/hack/day)....

June 6, 2023 · 793127 · 9 min · Fanis Michalakis
A drawing of a rural road with car passing by while futuristic billboards shine in the evening sky.

Latest Strikes 38

“What’s happening, hot stuff?”. Well, Jake, hot stuff surely happened last week in the Lightning world! We got a complete wallet working in the browser (well, on signet, but still!), a new advertising model, more adoption, and a lot of updates. Let’s dig in, shall we? Ecosystem Power Of Lightning Summit Nashville will be lit in July! The Power of Lightning Summit will take place at the Bitcoin Park on July 13th and 14th, with an already impressive list of speakers!...

May 31, 2023 · 792272 · 10 min · Fanis Michalakis