A mysterious wizard standing in a forest, seen from behind.

Latest Strikes 22

“Greeting, Lightning wanderer! I hear you’re interested in discovering the latest developments in the mighty kingdgom of Lightning? Follow me, my young friend, as we descend into the valley.” You’re a bit baffled by what just happened, but still decide to follow the strange man. “Do not worry, he tells you, looking over his shoulder. Last week was quite quiet, this will not be a long walk.” Ecosystem THNDR GAMES Launches Leagues THNDR GAMES launched a new feature called “Leagues” in their Solitaire game....

February 6, 2023 · 775320 · 7 min · Fanis Michalakis
A colorful illustration of Mario running on a Moebius loop.

Latest Strikes 21

Hello it’s a me! Welcome to the 21st edition of Latest Strikes, your weekly recap in the turmoils of the Lightning world. Last week was a bit like a Super Mario level: full of exciting stuff and with plenty of Goombas to smash! Ecosystem Lightning 🤝 Nostr If you’ve been following up with the Bitcoin ecosystem lately, there are good chances that you’ve heard about nostr, a novel yet simple protocol for exchanging signed text messages in a decentralized fashion....

January 31, 2023 · 774472 · 9 min · Fanis Michalakis
An impressionist and fantasmagoric representation of Harry Potter's Dragon Alley.

Latest Strikes 20

Last week was big - again. From Breez releasing its SDK to Wavlake launching a revamped Lightning-powered music streaming platform, there was no time left to get bored! Jump in the stream with us to see what you might have missed! Ecosystem Channel Ninja There’s a new channel recommendation tool in town, called channel.ninja: give it your node’s public key, and it will show you good nodes to connect to in exchange for 1,000 sats....

January 25, 2023 · 773585 · 8 min · Fanis Michalakis
A cubist and colorful representation of a mother breastfeeding a child.

Latest Strikes 19

Ecosystem Lightningcon Vietnam The LightningCon Vietnam conference will happen in March 23-24, and tickets are for sale! Prices will go up on February 1st, so if you plan to attend, now might be a good time to book! Lightning Addresses In Bottlepay Bottlepay users can now have their own Lightning Address! Users can claim their user@bottlepay.me Lightning Address by updating the app and heading to the settings. Lightning Movie Speaking of cool stuff, this one litterally had me smiling at the UI....

January 17, 2023 · 772409 · 11 min · Fanis Michalakis
A synthwave city during a stormy night.

Latest Strikes 18

Last week was electric, with some fascinating discussions around inbound fees in Lightning, some cool releases and a new promising LNBits extension. Can you stand the voltage? Ecosystem Alby Pays Peertube Bounty Alby paid the 400,000 sats bounty (funded by German podcast and community Einundzwanzig and an anonymous donor) that was on air for anyone creating a PeerTube plugin allowing viewers to tip content creators. This new plugin let’s you send a one-time payment or stream sats by the minute, straight to the creator’s Lightning Address, with the click of a button1....

January 10, 2023 · 771310 · 10 min · Fanis Michalakis