The Titans Gobelet painting by Thomas Cole

The Empire of Tyranny

脭 Tyranny! Abhorred your not so distant shores Always expanding like the flower of blood That expands through the injury of a Fallen Gaining land on our salted sea of Freedom Dried up by the forever lasting star of Evil. And as the water dries, only remains the salt - eternal ore for our extinguished dreams. Yet a proverb spreads There would be a water that never dries An acidic water, unpleasant and hard to drink...

March 1, 2022 路 725497 路 1 min 路 Fanis Michalakis
shrek and onions

Peeling the Onion

This article is the second (out of two) concerning Onion Routing. Therefore, it is recommended to read the first article before this one In a previous article I went into some details as to how Onion Routing allows payments to be processed accross the Lightning Network in a quite privacy preserving manner. More precisely, we saw how the identities of the emitter and the receiver of a payment are hidden via the use of successive layers of encryption in the messages that nodes exchange about a payment....

February 17, 2022 路 24 min 路 Fanis Michalakis

Onion Routing

This article is the first (out of two) concerning Onion Routing. It is also the first of the Routing Series, where I'll try to cover in depth how routing works in the Lightning Network, and how it could work differently (ever heard this story about an ant jumping on a trampoline?). This article is an introduction to Onion Routing, and offers a "high level" view of how it works. The second article will go deeper into the inner workings of Onion Routing in the Lightning Network....

February 9, 2022 路 14 min 路 Fanis Michalakis

AOPP: regulators getting cheesy?

A (heated) discussion on a specific piece of regulation and its application has quickly spread through Bitcoin Twitter in the last hours, following a tweet by shaquille o鈥檃tmeal (@crypt0e): It's more than just Trezor: 鈥 shaquille o'atmeal (@crypt0e) January 27, 2022 I found the topic interesting enough to wrap up my thoughts on the matter in a short article. I hope it will also help the reader quickly get grasp of what is at stake here....

January 28, 2022 路 4 min 路 Fanis Michalakis

What Are PTLCs

If the Lightning Network is so useful today, it is in great part thanks to the fact that payments can be routed inside the network: if Alice wants to pay Bob, it isn鈥檛 necessary that she has a direct channel with him. Instead, she can have a channel with Carol and, if Carol has a channel with Bob, use Carol鈥檚 channel to reach Bob. With this mechanism arises a new question: how can such payments, that rely on the benevolence of third parties such as Carol, be achieved in a trustless way?...

January 15, 2022 路 17 min 路 Fanis Michalakis