A cartoony illustration of the Greek God Zeus surfing.

Latest Strikes 16

Ecosystem Plug Any Vending Machine To Lightning Ren茅 Aaron shared the impressive stuff he鈥檚 been working on in the last months: connect any vending machine to the Lightning Network. To do so, he designed a small, easily plugable module that comes with its own screen and can be used by the vending machine to generate a Lightning invoice and display it as a QR code. The product is currently being tested by a bunch of merchants in Europe, but given its plug-and-playiness and the benefits of using Lightning in this types of machines (you get the best money in the world sent directly to your remote BTCPay Server, no need to come around get the bills and coins or to pay payment processors their astounding fees), I鈥檇 say I鈥檓 quite bullish on this!...

December 27, 2022 路 769099 路 11 min 路 Fanis Michalakis
Two men are trading Bitcoin peer-to-peer in a city street at night.

Latest Strikes 15

A new LNBits release, a promising vision and builders keeping on building: that was Lightning last week. Read further to find out more, and remember: if you want to receive your weekly recap in your inbox before anyone else, all you have to do is subscribe here. Ready? Steady. Go! Ecosystem Breez Raises $4.5M Breez raised 4.5 million dollars in a seed round led by ego death capital and Entr茅e Capital, which will help Breez realize it鈥檚 ambitious vision of a trustless yet frictionless mobile Lightning experience for all users....

December 21, 2022 路 768387 路 5 min 路 Fanis Michalakis
A giant is lifting up one plate of a scale of justice, distorting the judgment of the souls placed in it

Latest Strikes 14

A new point of sale app linked to Bitcoin Beach Wallet, the winners of the LegendsOfLightning tournament announced, faster, easier and cheaper remittances 鈥 This week in Lightning was, as usual, busy and well-filled. Read further to find out more, and remember: if you want to receive your weekly recap in your inbox before anyone else, all you have to do is subscribe here. Ready? Let鈥檚 dive in! Wallets & Tools Cashu In LNBits Everyone can now easily be their own Chaumian Ecash mint with the integration of Cashu into LNBits....

December 13, 2022 路 767207 路 6 min 路 Fanis Michalakis
Cyberpunk pirate space ship with orange solar sails, in the neighborhood of a moon, dark stellar background, digital art

Latest Strikes 13 - December 4th

Ecosystem Lightning (And Email) Addresses In Vida Lightning Addresses are now a thing in Vida, and every user gets one (it鈥檚 basically <your-username>@vida.page, so for example mine is fanismichalakis@vida.page). But where it gets really interesting is that each Lightning Address is also a paywalled email address. To reach you via email, someone would therefore have to pay the same amount as the one for a one minute call. I really like the idea of merging Lightning and Email addresses (although it won鈥檛 make dealing with mailto: and lightning: prefixes easier)....

December 6, 2022 路 766066 路 9 min 路 Fanis Michalakis
The Tables of the Law hit by a lightning strike, digital art

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Wallets & Tools Who Needs A Lightning Wallet When You Have A Browser? Remember the Mutiny Web Wallet we discovered in Lastest Stikes #10? The team behind the project made some significant progress and the perfect video announcement. The web wallet now provides all the features you鈥檇 expect from a Lightning wallet: send and receive Bitcoin on-chain, open Lightning channels and transact on Lightning. For example, Ben Carman recorded a demo of him using Munity Web to buy an OP_RETURN transaction on OP_RETURN bot....

November 28, 2022 路 765068 路 8 min 路 Fanis Michalakis