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Latest Strikes 33

Helloooo Ja! Welcome to the 33rd issue of Latest Strikes! In case you didn’t know, 33 degrees is the temperature at which water starts to boil in the Newton temperature scale. Do with that piece of information what you wish, but what I can tell you in that the Lightning ecosystem was boiling hot last week. Let’s find out what happened, shall we? Ecosystem Turn You Sats Into Replit Cycles Thanks to kodylow you can now buy Replit cycles (Replit internal “token”) with Lightning....

April 25, 2023 · 786974 · 11 min · Fanis Michalakis
An orientalist science-fiction painting of a merchant riding a cyborg ostrich.

Latest Strikes 32

Last week was quite THE week for decentralized trading over Lightning and Nostr. Between Civ Kit, n3xb, Mostro and the Nostr Marketplace specification being merged, it seems like there is a big arc developing and further fueling the synergies between Nostr and Lightning. Let’s get into this, and see what other amazing events last week had for us. Ecosystem Awesome LDK Peak Shift published an extensive list of projects using the Lightning Dev Kit (LDK) under the hood....

April 19, 2023 · 786134 · 14 min · Fanis Michalakis
A pirate two-masted ship in the middle of an electric storm, with a bit of synthwave atmosphere.

Latest Strikes 31

Annnnd it’s Friday again! We’ll try to not make an habit out of it and come back to a more regular schedule, but I’m hearing later is better that never. Anyway, what did the Lightning world cook for us last week? Mutiny raised funds to develop their privacy focused Lightning wallet, the Price of Anarchy paper got released, and splicing discussions kept the Lightning-Dev mailing list busy. Let’s dive in, shall we?...

April 14, 2023 · 785390 · 9 min · Fanis Michalakis
The drawing of a futuristic space ship at the crossing of multiple star paths.

Latest Strikes 30

Friday it is! Never was a Latest Strikes issue published this late in the week, but here we are at last! With the release of a new major LND version, an innovative way of connecting nostr and Lightning, and Route Blinding finally making it into the specification, last week was another banger! Ecosystem Wavlake Makeover Back in January this year we covered the relaunch of Wavlake, a Lightning-native music streaming platform based on the Value4Value model....

April 7, 2023 · 784368 · 9 min · Fanis Michalakis
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Latest Strikes 29

Buongiorno! Welcome to the 29th issue of Latest Strikes, published from Tuscany, Italy, where we’re attending the Tuscany Lightning Summit. But more on that next week. For now, let’s wrap up last week together, from lightning accounting to privacy-preserving LNURL servers! Ecosystem Lightning Accounting BoltObserver published a blog post on Lightning Accounting, more precisely dealing with what a Lightning node’s balance sheet might look like. I think it’s a really interesting exercise, as proper accounting seems to be kind of a blind spot for node operators, both professional and amateurs....

March 30, 2023 · 783163 · 11 min · Fanis Michalakis