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Latest Strikes 37

螕蔚喂伪 蟽伪蟼! Welcome to the 37th edition of Latest Strikes, your weekly recap of everything that happened in the Lightning world last week. I鈥檓 currently on vacation in Crete, and hence writing this newsletter between two hikes and a cocktail with a view, hence why it is a bit more concise and comes a bit later than usual. Still, I really hope you鈥檒l like it and find it useful. Let鈥檚 find out what happened in Lightning last week!...

May 27, 2023 路 791612 路 9 min 路 Fanis Michalakis
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Latest Strikes 36

Kaboom! Lightning never stop, does it? Let鈥檚 see what caught my attention last week! Ecosystem Our Companies Ecosystem LightningNetwork+ published one of those nice market map where you can glance at many of the companies working in Lightning right now with only one look. If you鈥檙e a Lightning company and would like to be listed there, you can submit your business on the Lightning Market page. Human Rights Foundation Grants 16....

May 17, 2023 路 790196 路 10 min 路 Fanis Michalakis
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Latest Strikes 35

Ecosystem Lightning For Enterprises MicroStrategy World is an annual conference held by the business intelligence software company MicroStrategy to showcase its latest products and technologies and gather developers, architects, business users, decision makers and data enthusiasts from all around the world. During the 2023 edition that took place last week, a large part of the program was dedicated to Bitcoin and Lightning, and how they can be leveraged in the corporate world....

May 9, 2023 路 788967 路 16 min 路 Fanis Michalakis
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Latest Strikes 34

Good morning, Lightning! Last week was an interesting one for Lightning, with a full mempool and some interesting news around submarine swaps, voting mechanisms, and node management. Let鈥檚 review what happened! Ecosystem BlueWallet Postpones Sunsetting Of Custodial Offering BlueWallet postponed the date where they鈥檒l stop serving custodial Lightning users to May 31st, giving one more month to users who didn鈥檛 move their funds yet. The wallet team also stated that there will still be a way for users to reach out and claim their funds after this date, but better move this capital now than later....

May 5, 2023 路 788353 路 16 min 路 Fanis Michalakis
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Latest Strikes 33

Helloooo Ja! Welcome to the 33rd issue of Latest Strikes! In case you didn鈥檛 know, 33 degrees is the temperature at which water starts to boil in the Newton temperature scale. Do with that piece of information what you wish, but what I can tell you in that the Lightning ecosystem was boiling hot last week. Let鈥檚 find out what happened, shall we? Ecosystem Turn You Sats Into Replit Cycles Thanks to kodylow you can now buy Replit cycles (Replit internal 鈥渢oken鈥) with Lightning....

April 25, 2023 路 786974 路 11 min 路 Fanis Michalakis