A wave passes and fills the pool
Thousands of transactions accumulate
Little wriggling, self-centered fish
Just waiting to be caught

With a powerful stroke of the net
A Mentat catches them and gathers them in a basket.
Carrying the basket at eye level
He analyzes, thinks, weighs
He computes and calculates

In a flash of lucidity he guesses their true name
The one that, revealed, will make all the others cry out:
“That’s how these fish are called!
That is how we must remember them!”

Then each one engraves in his Memory the name of the fish
And stamps it with the seal of Truth
A rumbling fills the valley, it is the echo of the stamps
That fall in unison on thousands of foreheads.

Then each fisherman returns to his pond
– Resumes the ballet of the landing nets
A thick silence fills the space
And the Mentats calculate, calculate…